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Create a reimagined digital autobiography. Be a part of building a global salon curated by leaders to amplify and connect inspiring women who are changing the world.

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Marble centralizes your digital presence into a smart and searchable media portfolio and public-facing profile designed for leaders. Think of Marble as your link in bio upgrade and an automated personal website connected to your networks that captures new press and digital assets – automatically – designed for leaders like you.

Centralized Automated Brand Management: Your networks, employees, customers, investors, and fans can follow your media trail and your curated libraries of recommended books, podcasts, blogs, lectures, events, and articles. 

companion to exclusive private communities: Network smarter, learn more about, share resources with, and stay connected to other change-makers in your network. Utilize your Marble link as an access point for your networks to stay better connected to your life’s work.

Share resources, media recommendations, and events: Alongside other remarkable leaders, you will be part of building a vast library of high quality media, powered by AI to serve the collective.

Serve as a role model and mentor without spending your valuable time: By joining Marble, you are providing the word a more efficient place to follow your life and work, as well as your personal library of events and media. Expand your impact by leveraging your published content, lectures, podcasts, and other insights to reach more people. 


One Link. Automated & Centralized.

  • Build your Reimagined Digital Autobiography, capturing your career milestones and achievements
  • Beautifully designed public-facing profile designed for leaders
  • Automated Brand Management: Automated aggregation of your digital assets (podcasts, books, articles, press, blogs…and more) 
  • Digital press and media kit for speaking and press engagements
  • Link-in-bio upgrade connected to networks and audiences
  • Get booked for paid speaking engagements, press, and consulting meetings
  • Centralize your digital library of the books, podcasts, articles, talks, and lectures that inspires you and informs your work to add to the collective media library curated by leaders.
  • Connect to and follow other global leaders, change makers, and innovators more efficiently
  • Centralize your events calendar for audiences and other Members to follow
  • Preserve your digital Legacy
We are currently in BETA. Be a part of building the foundation of something really special.

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